web visitors A visitor is an unidentified person who visits a website, landing page, online store or another web page that includes the Infusionsoft web tracking code. The network tracking code captures the activity of the visitors and stores it. A visitorís record is created for each unique visitor (based on cookies and IP addresses.) Grouped visitor data is available through reports on the results of investments in web analytics and leading sources. Visitorsí records are created, and the data is tracked as long as the visitor actively interacts with your web content. Visitors are considered inactive if they have not visited one of your web resources in the last 90 days. Inactive user data is archived. It is included in reports, but you can no longer access individual visitor statistics. Data generates a web profile in the contact record as soon as the visitor subscribes to something or makes a purchase. Data is also combined with existing contacts as soon as they confirm their identity through interactive interaction (link to send the form, purchase or link via email.) If a visitor views your web properties from multiple locations, the system generates several visitor records, Duplicates are resolved, Because interactive interactions align the visitor ID with an existing contact. 88321